Ssshhhhh – Six Secrets to looking Stunning In Your Eyewear- Tip 6

Are you looking for a new pair of glasses but struggling to know which frames suit you best?

You are not alone. Many people struggle to know which frames flatter them when choosing fabulous eyewear. This is why all of our team at Mincher Locket and Co, Opticians in Market Drayton have dedicated style training in addition to clinical, so we can best help you discover the perfect eyewear for you.

To help you, we are going to share our six secret hints on how to look and feel great in your eyewear over the next few days- but sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone else!

Six Top Tips to looking Stunning in Your Eyewear


Express Your Personality!

This is the last of my top six tips and is the most important! Your eyewear sits in the centre of your face for everyone to see & it should be an extension of you. Therefore, not only should it complement your colouring and facial features – as we have mentioned in previous tips – but should also be perfectly placed to help express who you are.

There are six main different style personalities and most of us will be dominant in two or more of these depending on our lifestyle, hobbies and working environment. Each personality prefers a different look in their eyewear and it is the reason your best friend may love bright wacky clothes/eyewear, whilst you may prefer something more understated.

It’s important that you feel like yourself in your new glasses and purchasing your new eyewear should feel as good as purchasing a brand new outfit, making you stand up tall and feel fantastic!

At Mincher-Lockett & Co. Opticians, we take the time to discover your unique style personality and present you with a selection of frames from our collection of over 1000- which will be perfect for you! We are the only practice in the UK who will endeavour to do this!

Dramatic Eyewear Personality – Creating drama with bright/high contrast colour combinations and extreme fashion forward shapes are key for you!

Boz Eyewear JFRey Eyewear

Romantic Eyewear Style Personality – Softer shapes and interesting details are key for you!

CCS Eyewear Flair Eyewear

City Chic/ International Style Personality – Elegant, sophisticated yet on trend is key for you

JFRey Eyewear Volte Face

Natural Style Personality – Comfort, durability and frames which feel substantial are key for you

SALT Eyewear SALT Eyewear

Creative – Creating a piece of art on your face, with unique shapes, colours and styles is key for you!

JFRey Eyewear Boz Eyewear

Classic – Timeless, structured and classic designs are key for you

SALT Eyewear SALT Eyewear

Do you recognise yourself in any of the style personalities, or perhaps you are a mix?

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At Mincher Lockett and Co Opticians, Market Drayton, we have a dedicated styling team to help you find the perfect coloured frames to compliment your complexion. We offer a limited number of eyewear styling consultations (book in for Free eyewear styling consultation and £50 gift certificate if you mention this blog ) from Monday to Saturday at our practice in Market Drayton.

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Eva Dave – Optometrist & Image Consultant

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